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The guide to be better than you thought possible for challenges ... both in your personal life and at work.



Trevor’s an international trainer and coach in personal development, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Recognized as an energetic, insightful, and authentic speaker and facilitator, with a very pragmatic approach to tapping into one’s potential, he has delivered workshops to thousands of professionals globally, teaching participants how to boost their resilience, confidence, and self-esteem, in every respect or related to specific challenges.


Have you ever been frustrated at yourself after specific situations or challenges, wishing or knowing you could have done better?

Are you holding back from doing certain things because you don’t have enough confidence or belief in yourself?

Have there been times, possibly now, when a challenging life event has knocked you over, and you struggle to bounce back to a positive energy state?

Would you like to learn a way of taking a short strategic life break to see what you’re happy with and what merits more focus, to become more fulfilled & have a more balanced life?

If you have replied Yes to any of these and would like to surpass what you’ve been capable of up to now, then Trevor can guide you.


“I met Trevor at a training course, and I really enjoyed his personal way to connect with us, to take real life examples that spoke to all and to go beyond the normal content of the course.

Based on this first experience, I connected with him for coaching sessions. My first very good impression was confirmed, Trevor went deep to understand my needs and came with tailored solutions that really helped me based on his extensive experience. He is a great trainer and coach, I strongly recommend him.”

Vincent Strohl

Global Marketing Director


"The future depends on what you do today."

Mahatma Gandhi

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