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Trevor Lynch

Trevor Lynch is an international trainer and coach in personal development, leadership, and interpersonal skills. 

Recognized as an insightful and authentic speaker, facilitator and coach, with a very pragmatic approach to tapping into one’s potential, he has delivered workshops to thousands of professionals globally, teaching participants how to boost their resilience, optimism, and self-esteem. An example is as subject matter expert, he designed and delivered a program on boosting one’s resilience for a large multi-national where the associates reported an increase in resilience of 40% over the program journey.

For the past few years, he has focused on & specialized in the areas where he can have most impact ...

- preparing people for an important upcoming event where they need to perform at or beyond their best 
- building inner strength & resilience 
- boosting self-esteem and confidence 


An MBA graduate who spent the majority of his career in the corporate world, he gets his energy from helping individuals, teams and groups succeed through challenges and achieve their goals.

He has a passion for coaching and teaching people how to be better than they thought possible for what’s challenging them, be it something they want to be better at or an unexpected life event.

On why he wrote ‘YES YOU Freakin’ CAN’ he commented, “After surviving a life threatening event, I knew I had to invest in spreading the word to show others how to be better and more confident. It’s become part of my life purpose and I know this sh*t works!” 

Born and raised in Ireland, Trevor moved to mainland Europe in 2001 where he works in Switzerland and lives in France. He returns at least once a year to connect with family and appreciate the Irish countryside, coastline and the friendly, relaxed culture.

He has two daughters and spends his free time on a yoga mat or exploring, hiking or biking through the local vineyards.

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