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Coaching with Me

  • Complimentary Coaching Consultation
    I offer an initial free 20 min chemistry meeting to see if we’re a good match to work together, if I believe I can help you and if you motivated to do the work to achieve your objective. To book this complimentary session, click on the link below and please include the following details – First & Last Name E-mail Address Phone No. and Time Zone Best Times for a 20 Minute Consultation What your Challenge / Goal is What you hope to accomplish through coaching How important is this challenge / goal to you on a scale of 1 to 10 If we decide to work together after the initial complimentary consultation: One-on-one coaching services: $150 for a phone/zoom coaching session $500 for a discounted package of 4 phone/zoom coaching sessions You can schedule your sessions every week to every month, depending on your budget and needs. Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes in length. IF ANY OF THESE IS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, CONNECT WITH ME AND OFFER YOURSELF THE GIFT OF GETTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL .. - You have an important event coming up and would like help to show up as your best you - Your current level of self-esteem holds you back from going for your goals - You find yourself suffering from imposter syndrome - You need to boost your resilience and increase your level of inner strength - You want to strategically look at your life and see what areas you should give greater focus to and achieve balance & more fulfillment All our conversations are confidential and judgement free, you can completely feel safe sharing with me
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